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Mama Beauty Pop mum mother daughter makeup mirror funHi, welcome to Mama Beauty Pop, the blog for mamas who love beauty. The founder, Tasha Glover, set this up because when she first became pregnant a few years ago, she found that parenting magazines didn’t cover much to do with beauty and Tasha was (and still is) a huge beauty fan. Of course, the imminent arrival of the new baby was the most important thing in her life then but there wasn’t enough out there on how to keep up a beauty routine (or how to cope with the lack thereof), what products might be child-friendly alternatives such as non-transfer lip colour or organic products or just something fun to read or listen to when breastfeeding or while the baby napped.


The aim of Mama Beauty Pop is to provide a good mix of short “pops” of information and longer articles, if you have the time. It will also include audio so if reading is simply not possible, probably because you’ll have our hands full, you can still indulge your love of beauty and babies! It is for mamas with children of all ages.


Beauty product reviews will be labelled with the things important to mamas:

  • Purse-friendly because we spend a lot of money on our kids;
  • Luxury because we deserve treats;
  • Non-transfer because we don’t want makeup all over our babies’ skin and clothes (fear of allergic reaction and extra laundry which no mama wants);
  • Long-lasting because we don’t have time to constantly re-apply anything, if we can apply it in the first place
  • No nasties for products which are natural or organic.
  • Multi-tasking because our handbags will now be filled with wipes, snacks and toys.


We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, comments or would like to contribute by emailing hello@mamabeautypop.com . Remember to follow Mama Beauty Pop on social media by tapping the buttons above. Enjoy!


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