Here’s a little guide to getting gifts for mamas and their children and mamas-to-be. Of course, things like vouchers, money, clothes, nappies etc. are helpful but if you want something that feels a little special, want to discover something new from a small business or want a long-lasting gift, try something from this list!

For Mamas-to-be

As a mama-to-be, all I really wanted was to sleep! Next to that, I desperately wanted the pain in my legs to go away. Being pregnant in a heatwave is not fun at all. That’s where the Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel comes in. I cannot tell you how many cooling gels I tried to get some relief from the pain and the heat and this is the only pregnancy-safe one that worked. Not only does it actually do its job, it’s always nice to receive something from Elemis!

Pregnancy always makes my skin extra dry. I have dry skin anyway but none of my usual lotions and creams work when I am pregnant. Also, the second time around I was extremely sensitive to smell so scented lotions were not an option. Luckily, Mama Mio brought out a fragrance-free version of its Tummy Rub Butter. It’s very moisturising and feels somewhat luxurious. For the rest of my body, the Megamama body lotion was essential. Although it is scented, it was the only thing that soothed my skin, especially when it got so dry it became irritated and itchy (not to be confused with the liver condition  intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) or obstetric cholestasis (OC). This needs medical attention. For more information, visit the NHS website.) It is more of a cream than a lotion but it was easier and quicker to rub into the skin that the Tummy Rub Butter so I bought many, many Megamamas! I would have loved to receive Mama Mio products as gifts. There are several gift sets to choose from so as long they contain at least one of the products mentioned, you can’t go wrong.

For new babies and parents

It will come as no surprise that my children had dry skin (considering I have dry skin) but I was cautious about what I was prepared to put onto their skin. Olive oil may not be good for babies with dry skin in that it could make it worse. It’s to do with the ratio of linoleic acid and oleic acid. I had been given samples of the Weleda Calendula Baby Oil from my doula and I loved it so much I went on to buy it. It has a gentle scent, left my baby’s skin feeling nourished and soft and has only two ingredients. However, as it is an intense yellow colour, don’t use it near light coloured surfaces! When my baby got a little older, I started using the Weleda Calendula Face Cream on him. It might seem extravagant but it’s good for his face and mine (in fact, I tested samples of everything on me before using it on my precious baby). It could therefore be a bag space-saver when going swimming or on holiday. It’s available from Boots so if you manage to see a 3 for 2 offer or you’re feeling generous, also pick up the body lotion in the same range.  Mama and bubba can use it all!

At first I wondered why on earth I’d want to spend so much money on a towel that my baby will grow out of but once I tried the Cuddledry towel, bathtime was completely transformed for the better! This large hooded towel is soft, absorbent, pretty, snuggly and best of all, keeps me dry. I also love the CuddleDuck which although on the face of it also seems pricey, the fact that it doesn’t have a hole it in makes all the difference. No more mould on the inside. I have had to discard so many bath toys (greater than the value of one CuddleDuck) because of dirt and mould trapped on the inside. It’s also soft and can be chewed by teething babies.

The GroBag Travel was recommended to me and I now can’t live without it. It has made my life so much easier! If you have a little one who keeps taking off their shoes/booties and socks, you’ll know what a nightmare it is to try to keep their little toes warm. This has a double zip at the front and a covered opening at the back to feed the car seat or buggy clip through so you can secure your little one ready for their journey. If the wiggle the socks off, their feet will still be warm and you don’t lose the socks because they will be in the sack. Genius! I also find it more convenient than a footmuff (especially when it doesn’t come with the stroller). You can lift your comfortably warm baby out of the buggy whilst they wear the GroBag Travel and put them straight into the cot without too much disturbance or a sudden shock at the change of temperature.

Were you the kind of Mama who used to wear statement jewellery – the kind that attracts kids and therefore the accompanying destruction of said jewellery? I was, and thanks to Kodes Accessories, I can be that Mama again. There’s a range of baby-friendly teething necklaces available in different shapes. Mama wears them and baby can reach up to nibble. My baby prefers the multi-faceted beads although I’m sure he’ll want to chew on the Christmas tree decoration if he had it!

I didn’t think I needed a giant muslin cloth until I was given one as a gift. I then purchased the Mama Designs Muslin Swaddles and they have become an essential for me. As well having four beautiful designs to choose from, they are light to carry even though they are double layered so they can be used as a summer blanket, a sunshade, breastfeeding cover, scarf (for Mama) and anything else you can think of! 

We all know that representation is important to help children feel included and to inspire them. Imagine Me Stories is a newly launched book subscription service where black children are the lead characters. According to Imagine Me Stories “only 1% of children’s books published in the U.K. in 2017 featured a black or minority ethnic main character”. Anecdotally, it is difficult to find books that my boys can visually relate to. If this is not an issue you struggle with, this book service would make a great gift for avid readers who want to discover new stories, characters and themes. If you want to try one of the 4 subscriptions (3 age ranges plus one mixed-age box) using my discount code, sign up to the newsletter.

For Mamas

Finally, something just for us Mamas! We are always washing our hands or washing something due to nappy changes, feeds and simply being prepared for everything motherhood throws at us. As a result, your hands might get very dry- mine certainly did. The Aveda Hand Relief Hydration Trio Handcare Gift Set is the perfect remedy. The Aveda hand creams are soothing, moisturising and long-lasting. The trio is good because your recipient (or you) can discover your favourite scent and then invest in the full-sized version. The Cherry Almond scent is particularly yummy!

What do you think you’ll be getting from this list? Comment below, and remember to sign up to the newsletter for additional goodies!

Next, I’ll share some gift ideas for older babies and children.

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