It’s been a while!

I was hoping to blog all through my pregnancy but I was so incredibly tired and sick that just didn’t happen. I will do what I can now and after baby comes too. That’s just #mummylife, isn’t it?

My first piece of substantive content will be a video. My aim is to make the videos as useful and as accessible as possible. I’ll try to keep them short and interesting! I’ve also added subtitles which is very time consuming but you never know when sound will disturb little ones but you still want to watch the video. Also, I can’t assume that all mamas can hear but why should they be left out? Please let me know if you want me to continue with the subtitles.

I also want to add a category to reviews, “fragrance-free“. If you have experienced morning sickness or nausea, sometimes fragrance-free products are essential. Also, after I had my first baby, I wanted him to smell me, not the various scented products I was wearing. For the other categories, click here.

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Welcome to Mama Beauty Pop!

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