What happens when the home school plan doesn’t go to plan?

I made a lovely home school plan for the first week of school closures. Did it go exactly as scheduled? Absolutely not! But that’s OK and here’s why.

Big T was incredibly excited at the new “school” day so I decided that starting the day with writing was not going to work. Instead, I changed it to PE using the live workout by The Body Coach. It was very intensive for the full half-hour so he will not be doing it every day – I’ll let him build up his stamina bit by bit so he doesn’t get disheartened (not that he did, he just kept stopping for water and became very hungry).  Next I’ll be trying a live workout by UDA2011 which are free for this week. UDA also have a resilience programme covering physical and mental health for young people so I’ll be finding out more!

Big T’s school has been very good at sending out resources that are accessed by arrangement with the school or are free to access for all. Ruth Miskin Training, the force behind the Read Write Inc phonics resources, is temporarily offering free  live lessons at set times. There are three speed sound sessions and a storytime session. The first session I tried for Big T was too easy so we had to stop and come back later for the next session. It was slightly disruptive but it was ok.

Being at home, the kitchen is just a few steps away. Big T loves to eat and he just kept wanting snacks (so I had to keep saying no) and he had lunch half an hour earlier than scheduled because his baby brother was having his lunch. The lunch break then overran (through no fault of my own) so he didn’t get to watch Numberblocks.

Instead, we went to the next activity slot and we played Monopoly Junior which was good for maths and reading skills, as well as a bit of strategy, then moved on to reading as planned using the Oxford Owl books. We managed to read both a fiction and non-fiction book and do some activities.

Then, instead of dance, we did a sitting down activity and for storytime, instead of sitting on the carpet, I played a story that started in English and ended in Spanish from my One Third Stories subscription. I was quite pleased with that little combination!

Whilst I initially began to get stressed when things were not going exactly how I imagined, I still returned to the plan throughout the day and it stayed mainly on track. Although the activities were juggled around according to hunger, stamina and level of fidgeting, the 30 min blocks made it easy to do. I knew what activities were to be done, and the “when” became slightly less important, provided we stuck to half-hour sessions.

I’ll also be planning more around the resources available. Some are temporary, some are free to begin with and some will always be there so they can be slotted in at any time.

Click the image below (it will take you to my Issuu page) then on the links in the chart to decide what you want to do next!

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